YOGA with Cia! at Webber Falls, NS.

There is a magical feeling that comes from doing yoga in front of, or near waterfalls.  Enjoy this magic in today's practice, in front of Webber Falls, Nova Scotia.  Let all the cares of the day flow away... and down the river with the water from the falls.  Enjoy, have fun and smile!

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Fitness with Cia at Point Pleasant Park, NS.

Did you ever wish you had more energy and inspiration to do a fitness workout?  We think we may have found one solution... work out in a beautiful park!  Today we are working out in the beautiful, historic, Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, next to a fort's brick wall, by the sea!  Join me and experience the inspiration; concentrate on having fun, getting stronger and energized!  Give yourself a pat on the back when you are finished... and enjoy the refreshed, renewed, happy feeling you walk away with!

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Fitness with Cia at Indian Falls, NS.

Enjoy the cooling of the water in this Cardio, Strength and Stretch workout at Indian Falls, NS.  Falls are quite magical and health experts recommend to get out in nature to improve your mental health.  You can improve both your mental and physical health in today's workout at this gorgeous, scenic provincial park.  Remember to have fun and enjoy every moment!

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