YOGA with Cia! in Rochford Heritage Square, Charlottetown, PEI.

It is so special to practice yoga on this special day, in the great outdoors, especially in a beautiful garden like we are in today, in Charlottetown, PEI.  Welcome to Rochford Heritage Square.  I am grateful you are joining me.  Let the flowers energize you and inspire you with positive energy!  We are focusing on balance today, both for your body and mind.  Enjoy every moment and let the cares of the day slip away.  Have fun and come back... again and again.

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YOGA with Cia! at St.A’s – 210315 – Spa Visit

Are you needing some de-stressing, relaxation and rejuvenation... maybe a visit to the Spa? Today's flow will make you feel like you've had a 'spa visit.' Enjoy every pose and quiet moment, as you sink into these relaxing flows. Focus on your breath to calm you and energize you, at the same time. Thank you for joining me today... as always, remember to have fun!

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YOGA with Cia! at St.A’s – 210311 – Relax and Pamper Your Back

I often think of a yoga class as a pampering session. Join me today, as we 'relax and pamper your back.' Enjoy every moment... be grateful for being able to practice. I am very grateful you are joining me today. Our mind and body respond very well when we are grateful. As always, have fun and feel happy! Namaste.

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YOGA with Cia! at St.A’s – 210304 – The Teacher Becomes The Student

Welcome to the YOGA with Cia! Mat today. I often ask my students what they would like to work on during class and today, I have a special student… 'the teacher becomes the student' and the request is a class to relax the back. Join me today and enjoy the yoga flows that will relax your back. Relax, be pampered and be happy! Namaste!

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