39 plus – Fitness with Cia.

These Fitness workouts will energize and strengthen your body and mind, while enjoying Cia’s experience, as she leads you through your workout. Designed for adults of ages 39 plus and appropriate for all skill levels, including beginners. Your cardio and strength will be safely challenged… and your body will thank you!

This is a short sample clip, from our “39 plus – Fitness with Cia” videos, which run about 42-45 minutes.

39 plus – Fitness with Cia currently has 2 Options:

Choose an individual “39 plus – Fitness with Cia” video.

Choose the “39 plus – Fitness with Cia Series.”

39 plusFitness with Cia Series; cardio, strength and stretch workouts in the comfort and safety of your home, are now available! This is an opportunity to enjoy getting in your fitness workout, safely.  Start with your first 39 plus workout today… access to a new session will be sent to you every 7 days, four in total, that you can enjoy for 3 months.

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