YOGA with Cia! Windy Winter Gardens, Halifax, NS. (sequence)

It is quite fun and magical doing yoga in the snow, especially in a Windy, Winter Gardens.  We are in the Public Gardens in Halifax, NS today.  It is a chilly -4 Celsius, but we are doing a 'warming flow,' burning some calories and getting energized, as well as relaxed!  If you do a 'snow' practice, dress warmly and comfortably.  The fresh winter air is invigorating.  Enjoy every move, change those that you don't like and let yourself be pampered.  Have fun! When you are done, go inside and treat yourself to your favorite warm beverage; hot chocolate, tea, coffee, or a creation of your choice!  Congratulations for working out today... we are the lucky ones who get to do yoga in our day! Namast

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