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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not technically inclined, can you help?

Yes, we can and will help you, step by step; by email, by phone, or both!

What if I am not very flexible?

No problem! That’s what we specialize in; helping you gain flexibility and de-stressing. We think you’ll love our sessions.

Are your videos produced locally?

They sure are. We are 100% local and make them mainly in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Can I try before I commit to a membership?

Sure, try an individual class/session/workout for a very fair price. ‘Join Now’ simply allows you to get a video now, then a membership when you are ready.

Where do you offer In-Real-Life classes?

At a few different locations in Halifax, NS: currently at St A’s and Fort Massey… and for Dalhousie Univ., NSHealth and the YMCA. Checkout yogawithcia.com for more yoga class details.

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