Fitness Knowledge!


ACE Senior Fitness Specialist.

Cia Tweel – ACE Certified Personal Trainer and ACE Mind Body Specialist – completed & received her ACE Senior Fitness Specialist certification on April 25th 2020… an unprecedented time in Nova Scotia and Canada’s history.

With 35 years of experience teaching Senior’s Fitness classes, plus numerous credentials and certificates, Cia finds it important to continue to educate herself and keep up with the most current science and guidelines on teaching fitness effectively and safely to this special population.

Cia garnered new tools and exercises to help train senior clients, whether they are living with OA, RA, COPD, CAD, Diabetes, depression, obesity, recovering from illness or injury, plus many other conditions often associated with aging. Cia is excited to continue inspiring senior clients by adding a little more fitness, health, mindfulness and fun into their lives!

Especially during times of stress or uncertainty, Cia can help people be happier, healthier, have more energy and live a better quality of life… and we can have sessions in person (when able), by video chat, phone or email. Why wait for your life to be more exciting and fun? Cia’s knowledge and experience might be just what you need, now! Contact Cia Today!

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