YOGA with Cia! Our Common Fountain, Halifax, NS. (sequence)

We are visiting Our Common Fountain today, near the Oval in Halifax. It is so fun to do yoga near the sound of water, people getting fit and dogs running in the park. You can get energy from nature in the park, for your yoga. Enjoy, be pampered and have some fun! Namaste

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Fitness with Cia on Canada Day In Charlottetown, PEI.

Happy Canada Day! It is fabulous to work out anywhere, anytime, outdoors. Today we are taking advantage of the Canada Day Concert in Charlottetown, PEI and working out to the live music. It is fun to improvise moves to whatever song or act comes next!
We are enjoying the energy of the people and the wonderful summer sun. Enjoy getting stronger and happier with this cardio/tube interval workout. Get as much water as you need and have fun!

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